Wobbled [verb]

Definition of Wobbled:

stagger, quake

Synonyms of Wobbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wobbled:

Sentence/Example of Wobbled:

Stan laid over and wobbled around just as though he was hit bad.

Hen wobbled on his skates an instant, then turned, intent on escape.

He nodded, and this time his jowls bobbled instead of wobbled.

He wobbled his nose, which I understood to mean that he didn't care.

The Gel wobbled past him, slumped suddenly, flowed under a door.

It got to its feet and wobbled toward him, staggering crazily as it tried to reach him.

Some succeeded, some wobbled in and out of the danger zone, two failed.

“You closed your eyes at the last moment, and wobbled the gun,” said Remington.

Save for his nose, which wobbled slightly, he was motionless as a stone.

The disk shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased and ogled them: six.