Wobbling [adjective]

Definition of Wobbling:


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Sentence/Example of Wobbling:

If to be spread, use strong wire to support with no wobbling.

They piled into it and the ship moved off, wobbling, until I couldn't see it any more.

God help me that I am spared to call that wobbling Buchanan President.

Look, there is a poor little one wobbling off all by itself.

But Isaacstein was wobbling now in a renewed state of excitement.

Like a disabled bird the biplane was wobbling uncertainly in the air.

The old professor appeared, wobbling slightly, but still game.

Then both in the middle, wobbling; then down into the bass again.

The center of gravity was not so placed as to keep the helmet from wobbling.

He didn't like the way the Spitfire was wobbling and turning.