Woeful [adjective]

Definition of Woeful:

terrible, sad

Opposite/Antonyms of Woeful:

Sentence/Example of Woeful:

At length the frost and snow really did come, and the Chickadees were in a woeful case.

And you cannot yet understand all the woeful sadness of the things of which I have been talking to you.

His hands, encased in mitts, had placed him at a woeful disadvantage.

Next he laughed softly to himself, a laugh that was woeful with bitterness.

The doctor's threats were interrupted by the entrance of a woeful procession.

The fact, to him so pregnant of woeful possibilities, meant little to Bettina.

I have woeful letters telling me you also were woeful in saying good-bye.

The torpor of idleness and woeful ponderings had numbed his wits.

And yet the latter days of this great-souled man were a woeful tragedy.

The sorrow of his life was his most woeful, disastrous marriage.