Woefully [adverb]

Definition of Woefully:


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Sentence/Example of Woefully:

My dear, you will be woefully disappointed if in my story you expect any thing like a novel.

"It seems that I am woefully ignorant of the Bay," continued Hermione.

Several times her recitations were halting, once woefully incorrect.

His voice was low and threatening, but his words were woefully distinct.

Credit is woefully inflated; speculation and waste are rampant.

Woefully had the massacre of the saints failed to please the palate of the populace.

“I was a fool when I came here––to Paris,” she said woefully.

And yet they were woefully mistaken, as they were destined to learn in a brief while.

"But that's past praying," she ended, sighing again most woefully.

"I deserve to be transported myself," said Paganel, woefully.