Woke [verb]

Definition of Woke:

stop sleeping

Synonyms of Woke:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woke:

Sentence/Example of Woke:

When she woke it was to a blaze of sunlight, but caught in the net of her closed curtains.

I woke then, and the struggle had ceased—the temptation had passed.

WE went to sleep about four o'clock, and woke up about eight.

When he woke early in the morning, he had to hurry to his stock.

When I woke, it was past noon, and the sun was shining directly on me.

And afterwards, here in the cave, I was like one asleep, and when I woke I did not really wake.

I woke mother up, and asked her to sit with him till he went to sleep.

He woke from them to think of his youth, his hopes, of Florence, of revenge!

Once he woke, and Dorcas was still on her knees, her head abased.

At dawn the Cyclops woke, and his awakening was like a thunderstorm.