Woken [verb]

Definition of Woken:

stop sleeping

Synonyms of Woken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woken:

Sentence/Example of Woken:

I was woken up by a wet kiss planted on my lips by Isabel's husband.

At eleven he had woken with a start, and, hardening his heart, had gone back to his sermon.

It was as though he had woken up, his real self; then—lost that self again.

A quarter of an hour afterwards Julien pretended to have just woken up.

On the way to Irkutsk I slept for fifty-eight versts, and was only once woken up.

"It's a shame to have woken you up," said Sally, commiseratingly, stepping in.

Jules did not reply, for the excellent reason that he had not been woken up.

But that would have woken Sisera before she had struck a blow.

Charlotte had been woken up, and never would go to sleep again.

That's driven the blood to your head, and woken up your self-respect.