Wolfing [verb]

Definition of Wolfing:

consume sloppily and fast

Synonyms of Wolfing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wolfing:



Sentence/Example of Wolfing:

Now the wind came like a wolf down the Murchison Pass, howling and moaning.

Then, just as we thought we had it, the wolf water came and gnawed the trail in two.

And it was true I could have snatched the meat from her like a wolf, but because of my vow I would not.

Anyway it is a comfort to know that you have provided against the wolf.

Nimrod and I had been lured to the Cuttle Fish ranch to go on a wolf hunt.

"Every wolf for forty miles round about is up at the battle-field," I said.

The raven, wolf, and eagle are the regular epic accompaniments of battle and carnage.

In all Britain to-day, no wolf roams wild and the deer are all tame.

The wolf, that runs away from a lion, will devour a lamb the next moment.

We were with the fish again, and caribou and wolf tracks were seen.