Womanish [adjective]

Definition of Womanish:


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Sentence/Example of Womanish:

But he said to himself that he did not mean to yield to womanish whims—he, a man.

Or, womanish, do they rest in the common dormitory of a shirt de nuit?

You, because of many thousand kisses you have read, think me womanish.

Generous or enthusiastic or any of the other womanish adjectives.

If that was wearing the breeches, I am sure I disgraced them with my worse than womanish fears.

When these tears are shed, this womanish passion will be over.

Well, I spare his life, though he is weak of me—womanish weak.

But Wanaha in her womanish enthusiasm had overshot her mark.

The womanish weakness in Hutchings sprang to hurried attack.

His face was handsome, almost to the extreme of womanish delicacy.