Womanliness [noun]

Definition of Womanliness:

physical maturity and strength of adult male or female

Synonyms of Womanliness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Womanliness:

Sentence/Example of Womanliness:

But she had lost none of her womanliness; rather, the contrary.

She was such a child as she stood there, yet with something in her, too, of womanliness.

She has been aroused to remember that womanliness is not chiefly decorative.

In Iris' voice was a womanliness which showed his story had reached the depths of her being.

But to express the graces and endowments of a woman, it is her womanliness that is emphasized.

And crowning it all was a sweet grace and womanliness which was good to see.

The womanliness of that last motion was a thing for a man to wonder at.

And then they talk about modesty and womanliness and retiring!

Miss M. will rank with any of them in womanliness or gifts or grace.

That off-hand manner was not Frank Raban's ideal of womanliness.