Womanly [adjective]

Definition of Womanly:


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Sentence/Example of Womanly:

Under fire you said a most courageous, womanly, creditable thing.

They possessed all the manly arts and some of the womanly arts as well.

Nor say thou, that virtue, in the eye of Heaven, is as much a manly as a womanly grace.

It was full of that womanly gentleness which fitted her so well.

Your generosity carries you away, and your divine, womanly pity and kindness.

Rose pouted as if her womanly character had been compromised.

So you see,” she added, returning to her womanly dread for his safety, “I know Jake.

Will not all men censure as womanly him who imitates the woman?

Snowe was, womanly speaking, as you will see, 'a perfect love of a man.'

Besides they attitudinise while they stir, and say they're womanly.