Womenfolk [noun]

Definition of Womenfolk:

female sex

Synonyms of Womenfolk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Womenfolk:


Sentence/Example of Womenfolk:

The men were for the most part watching their womenfolk at work.

Numerous are my womenfolk, but they are all cumbered with children: how can they help me?

I wouldn't wish the knowledge of that about his womenfolk to my worst enemy.

Those who babble of their affairs to their womenfolk, and those who babble of them to strangers.

Always must the aid of womenfolk be called in as a matter of course.

Then he told us that his womenfolk were preparing us a meal which would soon be ready.

For the serving thralls and womenfolk had fled the hall, and with them some peaceful men.

He found it hard, for once, to sit in there with the womenfolk.

But for all his rage the chief was no slayer of his womenfolk.

About womenfolk we are neither so enquiring nor so particular.