Won [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Won:

Mabel's lawyer has won the most difficult case he ever fought for.

The tempter was sure that the battle was won, and smiled contentedly.

She had won her ambition of years, revenge on the man who had sent her to prison.

When at length he won to peace, after ten years, it was the peace of exhaustion.

The winning of a battle is not enough to engage all our admiration; it must be won by an artist.

He won eighty dollars, and thrust it loose in his trousers pocket.

He could gallop, else he had not won the race in which he beat The Dutchman.

"His business was to win if he could, Miss," answered Mike, not at all won over.

I think we would have won anyway, but it'll just about ruin them.

"He would have won had I been on his back," declared the girl, loyally.