Won over [phrasal verb]

Definition of Won over:

won over; winning over; wins over

Synonyms of Won over:


Opposite/Antonyms of Won over:


Sentence/Example of Won over:

  • After initially doubting the new policy, she was won over by the compelling arguments presented during the meeting.
  • Despite his reservations, John was won over by the quality and reliability of the new car after test-driving it.
  • The candidate's sincerity and dedication won over the voters, leading to a landslide victory in the election.
  • The team was initially skeptical about the proposed changes, but the manager's clear vision and persuasive reasoning eventually won them over.
  • Despite her initial reluctance, Sarah was won over by the charming personality and sincerity of her date.
  • The innovative features and user-friendly interface of the new software won over even the most skeptical employees.
  • The delicious taste and healthy ingredients of the new snack quickly won over consumers, making it a bestseller.
  • The team's impressive performance in the final game won over the hearts of the fans, who cheered them on until the end.
  • The teacher's patience and encouragement eventually won over the shy student, who began to participate more actively in class discussions.
  • Despite the initial resistance from the board members, the CEO's strategic plan eventually won them over with its potential for growth and success.