Wondered [verb]

Definition of Wondered:

doubt; ponder

Synonyms of Wondered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wondered:

Sentence/Example of Wondered:

As they walked single-file through the narrowing of a drift, she wondered about him.

Miss Milbrey wondered somewhat; but her mind was easy, for her resolution had been taken.

And as for Shepler—he wondered if Shepler knew just what risks he might be taking on.

This reflection we should have wondered at from you once; but now we don't.

Omar Ben Sufi sat down in the middle of the street, and wondered.

Looking at that face one wondered how the life work of Jasper was such a failure.

She could see her father looking at her, intent, as if he wondered.

Then, while they wondered whether they might risk it, he got worse.

He slipped to the door in turn with a step so noiseless that even Jud wondered.

Was it an instinct, she wondered—a reminder that there was in them material for manhood?