Wonderfully [adverb]

Definition of Wonderfully:

extremely well

Synonyms of Wonderfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wonderfully:



Sentence/Example of Wonderfully:

He is wonderfully altered from when we saw him first in that office.

And though the truth may be inconvenient, it's wonderfully sweet!

And not only that, but he is a wonderfully handsome young man, and so rich!

Well, he must have been wonderfully strong in his arms, to be sure.

Seriously, Belinda, is it my fancy, or is not Clarence wonderfully changed?

The productions of Infinite Wisdom are wonderfully diversified.

How wonderfully these Southerners were like the Northerners!

"I think you are wonderfully thoughtful and kind," she said simply.

The survey is wonderfully complete, and was compiled in a very short time.

As rivals, things would be wonderfully fair and even between us.