Wonderstruck [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wonderstruck:

Thither also Vivian looked, and, wonderstruck, beheld—Mr. Beckendorff.

For a moment there was silence, for all that company was wonderstruck at the greatness of the deed.

He was wonderstruck, thunderstruck, at such a blaze of perfection.

She would have been wonderstruck could she have seen how Alfred received her missive.

He did not speak or move, being too bewildered and wonderstruck at his mother's agitation.

Levi raised himself upon his elbow and looked scowlingly around at the amazed, wonderstruck faces surrounding him.

The children are wonderstruck at those glorious chandeliers, so that they even forget their oranges for a moment.

And when you think that this will be—that it cannot help being if we so wish it—then the wonderstruck heart melts with joy.

Well might the heathen, wonderstruck, exclaim, "See how these Christians love one another!"

The inside of the church disappointed me, though no doubt I should have been wonderstruck had I seen it a month ago.