Wondrous [adjective]

Definition of Wondrous:


Synonyms of Wondrous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wondrous:

Sentence/Example of Wondrous:

He is a wondrous large and strong man, with no ruth for man, woman, or beast.

Now, she spoke with some acerbity in her voice, which could at will be wondrous soft and low.

Though I felt a subtle and wondrous change, I could not trace or track the miracle.

The next afternoon, Tiverton saw a strange and wondrous sight.

The plan must be all right, and wondrous in its possibilities.

Is he not as I described him, a giant in stature and of wondrous strength?

Often all kinds of wondrous creatures show themselves in the lake.

And in this, too, he displayed that wondrous patience which was so much a part of his nature.

He too, saw the finger of God in the wondrous thing which had come to pass.

I understood all at once the meaning of this wondrous make-believe.