Woodcuts [noun]

Definition of Woodcuts:

carving of letters or design into something

Synonyms of Woodcuts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woodcuts:


Sentence/Example of Woodcuts:

Your idea of the woodcuts in the page is quite perfect, and I like it amazingly.

It has woodcuts by Bewick, and is a curious and scarce little volume.

The types were Martin's, the woodcuts Bewick's, and the paper Whatman's.

The woodcuts, including the one on the title-page, number 117.

Third Edition, greatly enlarged and improved, with Maps and Woodcuts.

With 10 full-page Illustrations and 39 Woodcuts in the Text.

Done by a Justice of the Peace of great Authoritie, 4to, with woodcuts.

With a delightful discourse of the coosnage of Colliers, 4to, with woodcuts.

These woodcuts were intended for binding in the first Cheap Edition.

The word "misletoe" is mis-spelt in the title on one of the woodcuts.