Wooded [adjective]

Definition of Wooded:

covered with woods or trees

Synonyms of Wooded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wooded:


Sentence/Example of Wooded:

In the dusk of the wooded shades behind him huddled the group of slaves.

In a wooded country you will not take the time to fool with tent-poles.

It lay on a steep slope, which terminated in a wooded plain.

Fyles had permitted his gaze to wander down the wooded course of the river.

From a wooded valley beyond a low range came a call for help.

Then they turned to the left, and followed the wooded banks of the river for about two miles.

This species is very abundant on the wooded hills in this section of the state.

These plants are quite plentiful on the wooded hillsides about Chillicothe.

I find it on nearly every wooded hillside about Chillicothe.

I have found it frequently on the wooded hillsides of the state.