Woodlots [noun]

Definition of Woodlots:

trees, wood

Synonyms of Woodlots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woodlots:


Sentence/Example of Woodlots:

Three of them from the woodlot came begging of me, and lived on my wisdom, not their own.

I am glad I undertook to plant those trees in the woodlot this year.

You ain't folks that'll build fires in our woodlot an' leave 'em careless like.

It was their woodlot which this Mr. Lowder had bought for Neale.

It is not necessary to underplant the woodlot with big trees.

This depends entirely on the local conditions and on the exposure of the woodlot.

Woodlot owners will not wait much longer than the seventy-five or one hundred years required to grow trees of crosstie size.

Fifteen years later the woodlot again changed hands for a consideration of $1,000, a lumber company buying it.

If you are thinking of planting in the woodlot now is the time to apply to the Department of Forestry for trees.

The woodlot is a narrow strip, not too dense, and when hiding in the middle of it I would have almost every tree within range.