Woodpiles [noun]

Definition of Woodpiles:


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Sentence/Example of Woodpiles:

He's eaten so much of our woodpile, that he will be but a drowsy sentinel, I'm afraid.

We'll appoint Hen Dutcher a committee of one on the woodpile.

When they left the woodpile Master Meadow Mouse left it too.

He was building himself a new home in Farmer Green's woodpile.

How beautiful it must have looked when such a woodpile was blazing on the water in the dark night!

When you need any fuel, come to my woodpile and take all the wood that you want.'

Horace Greeley says that when he was a boy he would go reading to a woodpile.

It is just a kind of cage, that woodpile, with its crooks and turns.

He was out there under the woodpile, shiverin,' an' he won't go away.

Involuntarily Cowan lined his sights across the woodpile on this mark of color.