Woods [noun]

Definition of Woods:


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Sentence/Example of Woods:

And the wild ducklings are out on the pool, and the woods are full of song.

And that day in the woods I thought something had come between us.

A party of sailors, headed by an officer, came out of the woods, and headed for the shore.

If they've hunted the woods around here all day, no use in me doing it by night.

We sought the inhabitants of the woods, but could discover none.

I had heard the note in the woods, and directed his attention to it.

My mind was made up to "take to the woods" on the first favorable opportunity.

Why else should they wander together in the woods, or be so lost in talk by rustic streams?

"Come, then," said he; and they ran together to the cover of the woods.

I've been down the road to Niagara Falls, but never back in the woods.