Woodwork [noun]

Definition of Woodwork:


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Sentence/Example of Woodwork:

In the hurry of finishing, some of the woodwork had but one coat of paint.

The carving of the woodwork of these erections is often very elaborate.

The woodwork down below was rotting, and covered with filth.

The woodwork was all on fire; soon it would be reduced to bolts and tires.

The beams of the low ceiling and the woodwork of the walls had been stained a mellow brown.

The paint and varnish drop from the woodwork like so much sand.

The brass plate, let into the woodwork of the door, is misleading.

Here they went ashore, after making the painter fast to the woodwork.

Levi went up to the chimney and examined the woodwork near it.

He reached over the sill and patted the woodwork of his giant pet.