Wooer [noun]

Definition of Wooer:

person having sexual relationship

Synonyms of Wooer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wooer:





Sentence/Example of Wooer:

All were well-mannered, hard-working, and pretty, and yet none has had a wooer.

She turned fiercely on her wooer, and her brown eyes flashed.

It was unfair to tie a girl with a promise when the wooer had only his rifle.

Perhaps you fancy there will be a wooer like Halfdan coming every day.

Other copies show that it must be the father, and not the wooer.

It was a hasty wooing, and the queen herself was first of all the wooer.

Is she to be distinguished from her wooer as she flits from him disdainfully?

Three rejoicings followed by sorrow: a wooer's, a thief's, a tale-bearer's.

Come hither, daughter, fine and fair, Here is a Wooer from Whitewater.

I Before I came as a guest, but now I have come as a wooer!'