Woofs [noun]

Definition of Woofs:

grain of material

Synonyms of Woofs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woofs:

Sentence/Example of Woofs:

They lay far deeper, in the very warp and woof of her nature.

Of this warp and woof have all the strange patterns of Spanish life been woven.

And as a shuttle separates the warp from the woof, so a name distinguishes the natures of things.

As in a web the warp is stronger than the woof, so should the rulers be stronger than their half-educated subjects.

She looks to it that warp and woof are wrought with speed and beauty.

This earth is made too subtly, of too multiple warp and woof, for prophecy.

Into the woof of an Eastern rug is woven the soul of a woman.

Uncle Brownwood took just one glance at him, and said 'Woof!'

When the bear rose out of the bushes and looked at him—and said "Woof!"

Girls,” she said, “did you hear her say ‘woof’ when we clashed?