Wooing [verb]

Definition of Wooing:

seek as romantic partner

Synonyms of Wooing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wooing:

Sentence/Example of Wooing:

The wooing on Shakespeare's side was nothing but pastime, though it led to marriage.

It is all concerned with the wooing of young Adonis by Venus, an older woman.

The letter was most courteous, most complimentary, most wooing.

And yet, on my first wooing her, I had to listen to a 'No' of the most determined character.

One summer there came a wooing of Effie a most excellent gentleman.

Not a flower that bloomed the same: the roses differed in the fashion of their wooing.

Sometimes I have half a mind to skip off and do my wooing myself.

I was to go about the wooing of Mademoiselle de Lavedan as I chose.

She had known what his wooing meant, and it hadn't been what she wanted.

This young King did not go about his wooing after the manner of people that you and I know.