Woolgathering [adjective]

Definition of Woolgathering:

out to lunch

Opposite/Antonyms of Woolgathering:

Sentence/Example of Woolgathering:

Really, God thought with annoyance, this woolgathering—at such a moment!

Woolgathering, Ben had missed some remark about Artemis' rigging.

Such strange alleys do my thoughts run along when I am woolgathering in the field.

In a woolgathering way, the animal acknowledged Reuben's feet, but had no time for them.

Mrs. Ferrall's wits returned nimbly from woolgathering, and she shot a startled, inquiring glance at the girl beside her.

I trust that your good man here is not jealous, for beauty, you well do ken, ever sends the wits of a Douglas woolgathering.