Woolly [adjective]

Definition of Woolly:


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Sentence/Example of Woolly:

Some came from the interior of Africa and had woolly hair and thick lips.

Atrotomentosus is from ater, black, and tomentum, woolly or downy.

They covered the horse all up, so that he looked for all the world like a sheep, woolly.

We intend testing the woolly sheep when we get settled there.

All is soft, rounded, and woolly, as if she carried an atmosphere of deafening about with her.

His woolly hair was yellow, and the pupils of his eyes were pink.

It was only the sight of the woolly dog that recalled with certainty the conversation with Ida.

Texas was wild and woolly when Alfred first toured it with a wagon show.

From the Italian velluto, feeling woolly to the touch, as a woolly pelt or hide.

It's the West, and in some places it is as wild and woolly as can be.