Woolsack [noun]

Definition of Woolsack:

pillow, pad

Synonyms of Woolsack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woolsack:


Sentence/Example of Woolsack:

A military lord rose to order, and appealed to the Woolsack.

Do you not see a woolsack in store for you as you look upon these brave fellows?'

If he 'd have gone to the bar, he'd have ended on the woolsack.

We'll have you on the Woolsack yet, and we'll say no more about the other business.'

But I'm afraid it wouldn't do, even if I wrote them in secret, under the Woolsack.

"He was, certainly, when he was on the woolsack," said Sir Henry.

Emphatic words, which created a sensation round the woolsack.

He was then, for the last time, solemnly cautioned from the Woolsack.

I am a confessional on legs: there is no more a whisper in me than in a woolsack.

When the woolsack has been reached there comes an end of doubt, and a beginning of ease.