Woozy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Woozy:

"I agree with you," said the Woozy, wagging his square head.

"We will have to go back, I suppose," said the Woozy, with a sigh.

The Woozy sat upon his square haunches to examine Hank with care.

The Magician wants me to get three hairs from the end of a Woozy's tail.

"They are my sole ornaments, my prettiest feature," said the Woozy, uneasily.

But you'll see the Woozy, if you'll please rescue it, and then you'll know just what it is.

"That is the only ferocious thing about me," asserted the Woozy with evident pride.

Meantime, the Woozy had approached the Sawhorse and begun to sniff at it.

The Woozy was somewhat abashed by this speech and did not know how to reply.

"I'm a better beast than he is," retorted the Woozy, indignantly.