Worded [verb]

Definition of Worded:

express in words carefully

Synonyms of Worded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worded:


Sentence/Example of Worded:

I hope that resolution, as worded, will not go into the convention.

She worded her offer with too much courtesy for me to refuse it.

It was clear to her that a letter so worded was not fit for the occasion, and she destroyed it.

We have therefore to look for some loophole in the actual conditions as they were worded.

The letter was worded in a way that meant I was to bring you, or not go at all.

It was so worded that no "outsider" could guess its meaning.

I worded it carefully, for fear it might be opened before Jack arrived.

It does Felix good to think of how Miss Maliphant must have worded her refusal.

It was from Mrs. Cheyne, and was worded in a most friendly manner.

Could a divorce complaint be worded in such non-committal terms?