Wordiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wordiness:

Thence much of the wordiness of our written, if not spoken, composition.

And yet there is no noisiness, no wordiness, about them; nothing like rant or violence.

Often simply redundant, used from a mere habit of wordiness.

Boys dislike fussiness, and wordiness, and beating about the bush.

McGregor was so irritated by what he took to be the wordiness of the man that he could not restrain himself.

Here is a writer who began literature with a sense of words, and who is declining into a mere sense of wordiness.

An unnecessary profusion of words is called verbiage: verbosity, wordiness.

They have the wordiness of hasty composition, and the discursive rhetoric intended to catch the attention of an indolent audience.

Verbosity and wordiness denote an excess of words in proportion to the thought.

His wordiness hurts tender ears when he so often and apparently without any use repeats the same things.