Wordlessly [adverb]

Definition of Wordlessly:

without noise

Synonyms of Wordlessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wordlessly:


Sentence/Example of Wordlessly:

It was just like Hart, and I thanked him wordlessly, but from the bottom of my heart.

Mother and son understood each other wordlessly, having much in common.

Wordlessly, he extracted a bulky folder, from which he took a small booklet.

He stared at it and then tapped Johnny on the arm and handed it to him, wordlessly.

Wordlessly, Thode stumbled back beside him to the gambling-room.

He tried once more, and a third time, and then wordlessly shook his head.

Wordlessly, Lt. Harper got up and opened the door of the lifeship.

The agent examined it wordlessly, his forehead wrinkled in thought.

She accepted it wordlessly and slipped her arms into the straps.

Wordlessly, they entered the dome, and it was as they had left it.