Wordy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wordy:

He was not wordy, and he tarried but a moment, yet he explained his paralysis.

The only effect of this remark was to turn the wordy torrent in his direction.

"It was quite a wordy sarmon that Parson Grant gave us to-night," said Remarkable.

That would have been too strenuous for him, so he had to sit and weep tears of wordy rain.

Lin had a wordy war with the treasurer soon after the doors opened.

What are her image and attributes, when dragged from her wordy lurking-place?

But the weakness of the wordy denial was itself almost a confession.

The comedies are always long and wordy and generally tedious.

The Douglas men met the threat with a defiance,—not wordy, but resolute.

Now, there was nothing that Red enjoyed any more than a wordy battle.