Worked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Worked:

An hour's silence with these two people by themselves might have worked wonders.

I'd worked wid my mouf full of dust, but could not stop to get a drink of water.

Every family lived and hunted and worked and died for and by itself.

It's a good bluff, as I said before, and I admire the way you worked it.

I have worked harder than ever I did and discouragement has slapped me on the face.

All I know is that in my own case it is the way in which it seems to have worked.

They had been traced eventually to a certain department, that in which Mary worked.

It was the law that had worked the ruin of her life, which she had striven to make wholesome.

It is not necessary that all of the fondant be worked up at once.

By evening Mrs. Page had worked herself into a state bordering on hysteria.