Workmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Workmen:

And what workman will throw away a sharp tool, because it may cut his fingers?

I then related for the doctor my conversation with the workman who asked me about women.

He could not imagine why some workman did not leap out, seize his arm and yell "Spy!"

Said the wood-chopper: “I am only a workman; why do you call me divine master?”

A workman knew exactly how much he had to spend and how to spend it.

Moineaud began to laugh like the gay thriftless Paris workman that he was.

The invention was adopted and was found to save the labor of one workman.

And will you have a work better done when the workman has many occupations, or when he has only one?

His first visit to the Morton apartment that day had been in the guise of a workman.

Every man is not so much a workman in the world as he is a suggestion of that he should be.