Workroom [noun]

Definition of Workroom:


Synonyms of Workroom:

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Sentence/Example of Workroom:

Linda rushed into the house and carried her belongings to her workroom.

With her bundle on her arm she made her way to Peter's workroom.

I went home worried and depressed and shut myself up in my workroom.

Through the thin wall of my workroom I could hear Joe in his delirium.

To tell the truth, Nana perfected her education in nice style in the workroom!

The attic in Fisher's house in Cambridge was Howe's workroom.

He would often turn in like this at Sim's workroom as he passed up the fell in the morning.

Just then, Victorine passed through the apartment on her way to the workroom.

If they can put in a bed he will sleep here, and take this for his workroom.

At the end of another hour Celia said she thought we'd better get on to my workroom.