Workstations [noun]

Definition of Workstations:

place of business

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Sentence/Example of Workstations:

According to a statement given to Wired, the hackers busted into the system by compromising software called TeamViewer, which allows remote operators to control connected workstations from afar.

Now, as the unionization vote approaches, she said managers have come by workstations to hand employees water bottles and candy.

Every year, there’s at least one—usually more—elaborate multi-monitor workstation that looks like something you’d find in a NASA training facility or in the bedroom of that one guy at work who really loves Battlestar Galactica.

She and other team members then spent the rest of that day and late into the evening, and several days more, sitting at their workstations, painstakingly combing through AlphaFold 2’s training data to try to find the mistake.