Worldliness [noun]

Definition of Worldliness:

culture, style

Synonyms of Worldliness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worldliness:

Sentence/Example of Worldliness:

I hurt you when I say that, but I want you to be my good friend, as always, in spite of my worldliness.

This worldliness was not frivolous, but earnest, and was ennobled by art and poetry.

The worldliness and the wretchedness, and now it is too late!

His indolence, his triviality, his worldliness become her own.

Worldliness it changes into heathenism, vice into blasphemy.

Other worldliness is not peculiar to the religion of the slave.

But we all agree in one thing,—the worldliness of the world.

It was true, and yet it was not true; other feelings mingled in Phœbe's worldliness.

When one enters on the path of worldliness is there any resting-place?

"At least you own to your worldliness, my poor Trix," says her mother.