Worrier [adjective]

Definition of Worrier:

flood, overrun

Synonyms of Worrier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worrier:


Sentence/Example of Worrier:

The sufferer from stage-fright can hardly fail to be a worrier.

There is nothing occult in the suggestion that the worrier cultivate a fad.

The hardest task for the worrier at home is to get away from home.

The worrier must learn to realize that he is looking at his sensations, as he does everything else, through a microscope.

There is no more danger of insanity attacking the worrier and the delicate than the robust and the indifferent.

We may thus, in the worrier whose fears have taken this direction, substitute effort for foreboding.

The insistent habit of mind in the worrier has been found to permeate the content of thought, and unfavorably to influence action.

A revolutionary effort must be made before the worrier and the folly-doubter can throw off his shackles.

The superintendent of a division of line the far side of the Missouri was a worrier, and was personally watching the progress.