Worries [noun]

Definition of Worries:

anxiety, trouble

Synonyms of Worries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worries:

Sentence/Example of Worries:

Cyrus worries so about it (of course we know what you refer to).

But Pierre scarcely listened, absorbed as he was in his own worries.

What worries me is that Bergaz should have sold himself just now.

And for the first time, amidst his worries, he realised the necessity of work.

"You must forgive me, my dear child, for leaving you all these worries," added Abbe Rose.

I'm not the only one that worries on my run—ask the conductor.

But Ned thought the Chief had other worries and rushed in to put them right.

You have to go to work, and it worries me terribly when I see you shabby.

And the way he worries me about being very careful with his mouth.

I suppose he worries dreadfully about his part of the tangle.