Worrying [adjective]

Definition of Worrying:


Synonyms of Worrying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worrying:

Sentence/Example of Worrying:

But the things are an eyesore, and mother was worrying herself to death about them.

"He's worrying himself to death about Mr. Hancock," she said.

"I've refused all these to Uncle Timothy; he's been worrying me with questions—" I said desperately.

The question of landing was worrying Grant at that time and worrying him terribly.

Rosemonde was worrying my life out, and so I got rid of her by packing her off with Silviane.

Gholson, if it isn't Ned Ferry's religion that's worrying you just now about him, what is it?

I think he has some secret which is worrying him, and, in time, he'll tell us all about it.

Everything's going to be all right, and you mustn't get to worrying about doing anything.

I may be able to very soon, and clear up all this mysteriousness, that is worrying me so.

No hurrying, or worrying—each one for herself, happy in her own way.