Worshiper [noun]

Definition of Worshiper:


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Sentence/Example of Worshiper:

He was a worshiper of language for its own sake and cast a vote accordingly.

The Egyptian beholder and worshiper was not to be attracted and charmed, but overwhelmed.

But neither of them know, as does their worshiper and lover, what lies on the other side of the moon.

It enables every one who comes into the church to be a worshiper.

The Church bell then rings, and ere it stops every worshiper is seated.

The worshiper must have a seal of Mecca which is made of clay and is about the size of a half-dollar.

Go to him, ask what luck, and you will learn that he too is a worshiper of the unseen.

How perfectly all this is done for the worshiper now by his High-Priest in heaven!

Outside the camp is his place as a witness; inside the vail is his place as a worshiper.

In the peace-offering, the leading thought is the communion of the worshiper.