Worshipful [adjective]

Definition of Worshipful:


Synonyms of Worshipful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worshipful:


Sentence/Example of Worshipful:

Do you not see our good and worshipful master, the Sheriff of Nottingham?

"He is sure to be a worshipful husband," said Miss Margaret.

I asked, and looked about me afresh to note what worshipful creature it was I had missed.

I have three sons, and all are of the worshipful company of the Round Table.

After these came twelve most worshipful baboons, in most venerable wigs.

And than after saten the Justices, and after them worshipful Knyghts and Squiers.

Indeed, you will have in me a good and loyal comrade, ay, and a worshipful.

Johnson, worshipful Sirs: Alegar, of Thorpe, that you have sentenced this morrow.

His memory is held in worshipful reverence and affection by the French.

But every totem was sacred, and it was handled with worshipful care.