Worthies [noun]

Definition of Worthies:

very important person

Synonyms of Worthies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worthies:


Sentence/Example of Worthies:

The last poem of all is wholly devoted to eulogies of Chittagong worthies.

Of these four claimants two are reckoned among the "worthies of Devon."

See you when Cotherstone's brought before your worthies next Tuesday.

Now these worthies were in a mental condition of a most complicated kind.

They intrude here, to impersonate the Nine Worthies before the two Courts.

I could not tell what was said between these two worthies, but I knew what was to be done.

A later book, "Eight Songs" (op. 47), is also a cluster of worthies.

He departed, leaving the two worthies in a state of bewildered jubilation.

This is but to name a few of the crowd of Norwich worthies of that day.

Such was the difference in the character of these two worthies.