Worthiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Worthiness:

To some, obscurity itself is attractive, from the hope that worthiness is the cause of it.

Any other means to that end than such as should prove his own worthiness, He could not use.

She had come to the first real trial of her strength and worthiness.

But worthiness and good deeds are not all only in arrayment.

And much of the little power and goodness and worthiness that exist in me, I owe to him.

According to what you can receive of any beauty, is the measure of your worthiness.

It cannot be worthiness to despise, or wisdom to neglect your mother's opinion.

What it is our duty to do by Ramona, in such a matter as this, does not turn on her worthiness or unworthiness.

I'm not at all sure it isn't his worthiness, just as much as his mother.

His worthiness they praised, and judged his deeds with tender dread.