Worthlessness [noun]

Definition of Worthlessness:


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Sentence/Example of Worthlessness:

Is it an impression of the vileness and worthlessness of our species?

He knew pretentiousness for the mask of worthlessness and weakness.

She explained that in this place she "felt her worthlessness."

He reached into his pocket, before remembering the worthlessness of his bills.

The moment had come when the value or worthlessness of "The Harnett" was to be decided.

But if he was, who should try to save him from worthlessness if not his nearest relatives?

You can form no notion of the worthlessness of the native Christians there.'

Given the Man a People choose, the worth and worthlessness of the People itself is given.

It is the giver who determines the worth or the worthlessness of the gift.

So well had he already begun to learn the worthlessness of life's trifles.