Worthwhile [adjective]

Definition of Worthwhile:


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Sentence/Example of Worthwhile:

If you want a thing badly enough and the thing is worthwhile, then you must go after it.

Nothing's worthwhile, nothing's good enough, that's mere sense.

He'd convinced me that the case was not only going to be worthwhile, but fun.

The others could not see how deep he had gone, so it might be worthwhile to try and rescue him.

I obtained the list and could insert it here were it worthwhile to do so.

It has always been my conviction that Rivers is,—or was, a worthwhile man.

Dean Kelly Miller spoke on the worthwhile qualities of the Negro.

His thought had not occurred to me before, and it is worthwhile considering.

The little fellow was a worthwhile quarry, that was for damn sure.

We know which are the possibilities that are worthwhile to develop.