Woven [adjective]

Definition of Woven:


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Sentence/Example of Woven:

They are woven all over with lichens, and the blackberry binds them fast.

The genii of the East have woven this banner from the rays of benignant stars.

It was the trap, ever the trap, the fear of it lurking deep in the life of him, woven into the fibre of him.

Of this warp and woof have all the strange patterns of Spanish life been woven.

It may be sold by the spinner to the weaver or it may be woven in the mill in which it is spun.

Around these two events is woven a plot of absorbing interest.

"We tied it with ti ropes," answered the servant who had woven them.

What sunny memories were woven in that pilgrimage for the strollers!

Tennyson has woven the romance of their marriage into a poem.

He felt that the cloth of his robe was metal, fine spun and woven.