Wrack [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Wrack:

The wrack had thickened to seaward, and the coast was but a blurred line.

He finished with a cough that seemed to wrack him from head to feet.

Not that I was one who craved for wrack and bilge at my nose all the time.

In the tempest's wrack the stars are dim and faith 's the only compass.

"I don't like to see things go to wrack and ruin," he remarked.

Wrack or sea-weed, used as manure on some of the coasts of England.

But my problem—one sufficient to wrack every fibre of my brain—was, what were they after?

Like the baseless fabric of a vision Left not a wrack behind.

There was a limit to the wrack and strain which the human organism could stand.

And they came forward like the wrack of a surviving army at judgement day.